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Nº1. How To Order

When should I place my order?

Every Tuesday we post a new seasonal, organic menu on Instagram & here on our site. We take orders from Tuesday — Saturday of each week for the following Monday.

Please get your order in by Saturday to secure your spot for the following Monday.

Is there an order minimum?

Yes, we have an ordering minimum of $150 for all orders (which does not include the price of delivery).

Our Meal Plans cost $250 by default, but you can also choose to build an order of À La Carte / “Add On” items (vegan soups, organic juices, snacks, desserts, etc.) or customize a Meal Plan by adding & removing items (totaling up to $150), if that suits you best.

Does your menu change every week?

Yes, our menus change every week to reflect the best of what’s in season locally and to keep your health journey lively & exciting.

What if I want to order but there is a dish I want to substitute?

No problem. You can swap that dish out and double up on another, or, fill in with any other item from our weekly menus & "add ons" sections.

Can adults order the kids menu?

Yes! Select a base Meal Plan to get started with your order & feel free to add on or swap with any Kids menu items to create your ideal meal plan.

Nº2. Meal Plans

What are Meal Plans and how do they work?

The weekly meal plan is $250 and provides roughly 7-8 meals total when consumed by a single adult. If two adults share a single meal plan it's closer to 5-6 meals total for lunches & dinners.

Our meal plans are always available in Regular, Vegetarian, or Pescatarian, with the option to swap/substitute or add on other dishes while ordering — including a kid’s menu, soups, juices, snacks & desserts.

Can I customize the weekly Meal Plan?

Yes! You can select/deselect certain dishes & swap for substitutes while ordering to suit your desires. Select your base meal plan and customize as much as you'd like. Get started here.

For example, if you don't want the salad entrée in the Meal Plan for that week and want to replace it with a double order of the BBQ chicken entrée — no problem.

Additionally, we offer delicious, organic À La Carte items to round out your weekly meal plan, including: vegan soups, organic juices, snacks, and guilt-free, gluten-free desserts.

*À La Carte items are not included with the meal plan & cost extra.

Do you offer a Vegan Meal Plan?

Yes! We offer two vegan entrées each week. These dishes would substitute for the Chicken & Fish in the Regular Meal Plan, so the Vegan menu will have all the same variety of the regular meal plan. 

How long does the food last?

All of the food stays fresh for up to 6 days in the fridge.

Is ALL of your food organic?

All of our produce is 100% organic and sourced locally. This includes oils, vinegars and spices. We are also gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free & sugar free.

What if I want the meal plan but don't eat fish?

We offer two vegan entrée options as a replacement in your meal plan to substitute for fish.

What If I want the Meal Plan but I don’t eat chicken?

We offer two vegan entrée options as a replacement in your meal plan to substitute for chicken.

Nº3. Soups / Juices

What’s included in a Juice Pack?

Our Organic Juices are available in Greens or Variety (mixed colors), and come in packs of 7 or 21 (16oz) glass bottles. The juices included in our pack do not change, and cannot be customized.

What’s included in a Soup Cleanse?

Our Soup Cleanses are available in 3 Day and 5 Day. The 3 Day Cleanse includes a 12 pack of soups, and the 5 Day Cleanse includes a 20 pack of soups.

Our Cleanses include 4 Bottles per day:

(1) Celery Juice in the morning, (1) Savory Soup for lunch & dinner, and (1) Vegan Bone Broth post-dinner.

*The Savory Soup included changes weekly, and cannot be customized.

How long do the soups & juices last?

Soups stay fresh for up to 5 days. The juices stay fresh for up to 6 days.

Do cleanses meet the $150 order minimum?

Our 3 Day & 5 Day Soup Cleanses meet the $150 minimum.

The 1 Day Juice Pack is $95, and can be paired with various Add Ons or a Meal Plan to meet the order minimum.

Nº4. Delivery

How does delivery work? Do you have a pickup option?

We offer local delivery every Monday from 9am—5:30pm.
The courier service will call you on Monday when delivering your organic order.

We also offer a free pickup option Mondays from 10am—6pm in West Hollywood.
*If selected, the Pickup Address will be provided upon checkout.

How often do you deliver?

We deliver once a week, on Mondays.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to the city of Los Angeles which includes Malibu, Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley & San Fernando Valley. 

We also deliver to Newport Beach, Orange County, Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara, Montecito, Ojai Valley & San Diego.

Is everything delivered at once?

Yes.  Everything is delivered at once on Mondays and is designed to stay fresh for 5 days in the fridge.

Nº5. Misc.

Do any of the meals contain garlic or onion?

No. We don’t use any garlic or onion.

What types of oils do you use?

We use organic avocado oil, olive oil and coconut oil.

Is everything dairy free?

We are completely dairy free.

What type of packaging do you use and is it recyclable?

Our packaging is made from renewable plant-based materials and is 100% compostable. We believe in reducing harmful pollutants and creating a sustainable packaging process. Your meal containers can be accepted as part of general curbside recycling.

Do you offer Organic Gift Cards?

Yes! You can order those here. The recipient will receive their Gift Card, Message and a Redemption Code in an email upon checkout.

The Gift Card will deliver via email, but please select the "Pickup" delivery method at checkout.

Have a question or an issue with your order?

Contact us here and we’ll be in touch!